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A hexagon split into 6 sections of different colors. Each section contains an icon in black: a chameleon, a seahorse, a whale, a gecko, a monster, and a penguin. The middle of the hexagon contains 6 overlapping circles of the same colors as the sections of the hexagon.

The 6 Actions of Uncommon Teams

Build Strength and Stability through a Safe and Simple process

Navigate Change 

with assurance

Identify the process through which you navigate change, and learn to customize it to each situation, so that you can smooth the way for yourself and your team

Support Play

with courage

Identify the framework that best supports your play, and learn to flex that into the frameworks that best support others, so that you can bring creativity to your work as a leader

Sustain Movement

with grace

Identify the tenets that energize and drive you, and learn to maintain and live those tenets, so that you can sustain the energy and stamina to move towards your desires

Maintain Alignment

with confidence

Identify the unique signals that guide you towards greater alignment with your beliefs and goals, and learn to heed those signals, so that you can align the way you are living with the way you want to live

Manage Impact

with intention

Identify the effects you have on those around you and on yourself, and learn to balance and mitigate those effects, so that you can experience ease in your relationships as you pursue your goals

Lead Teams


Leverage your personal growth to help each person on your team find their own way, so that you can help them achieve their personal goals as you all achieve the goals of your team and organization

Anyone can build teams. Building Uncommon Teams requires finding and engaging your unique identity, those of each person on your team, and those of the separate "person" that is your team.

Align the way you are living and leading with the way you want to live and lead.

Each of these Actions reinforces the others. Approach them in any order. As you increase your ability to do one, your consistency in doing it, and the ease with which you do it, you increase your ability, consistency, and ease with each of the others.

Move from leading to Leading Uncommonly

Enable, empower, and expect yourself, each of your people, and each of your teams to work in their best way.

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