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Build Uncommon Teams

Do you want your software teams to consistently meet their goals with aplomb? Do you want to shift your team to delivering these goals incrementally, providing both early innovation and early warning if things are about to go off the rails?

Software leaders who work with me typically:

  • Increase their ability to sustain their pace, because they better understand what energizes them and practice recharging even in the midst of their busy lives.
  • Increase their ability to align their actions with their goals, because they better understand their guiding signals and practice heeding them even in challenging circumstances.
  • Increase their ability to balance their needs and goals with those of their teams and their larger organization, because they better understand the impact each is having on the other and practice adjusting their balance even when these needs and goals conflict.
  • Increase the assurance, intention, and much more with which they and their teams act, because they better understand how to ask for what they need and practice acting in the way that’s best for them even when they’re seemingly asked to do the opposite.

You don’t need to know what needs to change, nor how to change it. Whether you have just a little bit of time or you have months to commit, you can start building Uncommon Teams.

Mix and match these components to build the experience you desire now. You always have the flexibility to adjust the mix as we go:


  • You
  • You + others


  • 1:1
  • Group


  • Long-term value from learning the Uncommon Teams System and practicing applying it
  • Focusing on what's top of mind for you right now, leveraging the Uncommon Teams System opportunistically

In every case, as we work together you can expect to gain:

  • Increased clarity on what you desire, and increased ability, consistency, and ease in maintaining that clarity.
  • Increased ability to achieve your desires, and increased confidence that you will.
  • Increased ease with optimizing the impact you have to best help you and those around you.

Sign up for my newsletter and receive your guide to 4 Key Actions for Managing a New Team!