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As I'm talking with people these days, just about every conversation brings up at least one of:


If we haven't had it ourselves, we almost certainly know someone who has.

We've all had to deal with lockdown, masking up, and moving many of our social interactions from in-person to over-the-internet.

While the end keeps seeming in sight, it keeps moving a bit further out.

Loads of people changing jobs

One of my clients has had their entire management chain leave their company over the last twelve months.

At the same time, we're reeling from the seemingly endless "goodbye" emails, we're needing to fill all those vacancies, and onboard all those new hires.

Uncertainty about where we're going

Whether it's

  • Our job…
  • Our career…
  • Our life plans…
  • Our romantic life…
  • Or "just" whether to adopt a dog or expand the garden…

We're having a hard time understanding whether the path we're pursuing is really what's right.

Can you relate to any of these?

As you can see, you're not alone.

The effects these are having on our team cultures are both perfectly clear and perfectly opaque.

Our work lives and our personal lives have changed in ways we are happy about and in ways we mourn.

How are we meant to handle the mental, physical, and emotional overload?

One escape hatch we all have is going to the restroom.


  • A conversation is taking a turn we don't know how to handle…
  • We're feeling out of control…
  • We're desperately trying to hold it together rather than explode…

We can always say "Let me just go use the restroom."

Once you're there with the door closed and locked,

  1. Let it all out.
  2. Vent your frustration, anger, confusion, fear.

Then, focus on something that makes you feel happy, calm, and settled.


  • Take another look at the situation.
  • Hear what the other person is trying to say.
  • Feel what you're feeling and what you're feeling about that.
  • Then, if you need to, vent again =)

Finally, before you unlock and open that door, focus one last time on what brings you happiness and calm.

What's your personal escape hatch? 

Let me know in the comments!

Thoughts? Feedback? Something to say?

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