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Have you ever found yourself unwilling to move forward?

Moving forward can be scary in part because it’s not always clear whether we’re actually moving forward.

What if I actually move sideways? Or even backwards?!?

If you’re unwilling to take a step, you’re trying to take too big a step. Take a smaller step.

There’s always a smaller step 😎

Whether it’s cooking, training my dog, or working on my business, if I’m focusing on anything more than the next tiny step, I’m not going to do anything.

When I cook, I’m perfectly happy working with lots of ingredients. The steps can be complex. I’m going to break them down into many tiny steps. Slice the carrots. Dice the onions. Crush the garlic. If I try to take any bigger step, I’m going to feel daunted and overwhelmed and give up, regardless of how tasty it looks in the photos.

Training my dog is a lot of tiny steps: Learning sit. Learning watch me. Learning leave it. Each of which is itself a series of even tinier steps.

Starting up my business, I’ve had so many things to figure out: branding, website look and feel, website copy, business name, which bank to use, what to do myself and what to hire out, and so much more. The only way I’ve made progress is by focusing on one tiny step at a time.

When you take tiny steps, you don’t have to know where you are going.

If you turn out to have gone exactly the wrong way, well, you don’t have much to backtrack.

If you turn out to have gone somewhat off course, well, you only have a small course correction to make.

If you turn out to have gone exactly where you meant, celebrate!

And then take another tiny step πŸ˜‰

When we take tiny steps, we move in small enough increments that we actually move.

If taking a step feels scary, it’s too big! Take a tinier step.

What tiny step are you taking today? Let me know in the comments

Thoughts? Feedback? Something to say?

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