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If you are like my clients, you sometimes feel:

  • Uncertain what to do.
  • Afraid to try.
  • Worried about making things worse.
  • Concerned about what those around you think.

I sometimes feel these as well 😉

I use 12 reminders to move forward anyway. These are the foundation of the work I do with my clients, who use them to move forward as well.
You can do the same! Use this list and remember:

You need this

Whether it's calm or chaos, fun or fear, good or good grief, it's what you need right now. Figuring out why you need it might help. More important, though, is moving forward.

You're causing this

Whatever you believe the problem is, the central cause is the emotions you're feeling. Holding onto them is preventing you from flowing with the change. Feel what you're feeling, then let those emotions go. You'll feel—and be—lighter.

You're the one with the way out

You're the cause, and you're the solution. You know what you need to do. You just need to find it within yourself. Knowing it's there will help you find it.

You can be safe even when you're uncomfortable

Knowing you're the one causing the chaos may be uncomfortable. Knowing you're the one with the way out may also feel uncomfortable 😃 You can, however, feel safe. Each of these reminders is meant to help with that.

All you need to do is move

Any way you move, you will have moved. You will have made progress. You will have gained a different perspective. You will have gained information. And...

It's all about information

The only outcome you require is information. You can't help but get information whatever you do. Even if you don't get any information, that's information 😉 The more information you have, the more able you are to decide where to move next.

Take tiny steps

The smaller the step you take, the faster you reach the information it has for you. If you're feeling afraid, take a smaller step. There's always a smaller step 😁

Everything is a tiny experiment

Every tiny step is a tiny experiment. You may know the hypothesis you're testing. Or you may simply be hypothesizing that moving will bring information. Regardless, observe what results. Decide what to do next. Make that experiment! You're guaranteed to gather information.

Failure is success

Failure is not a judgment on you. Failure is merely a different outcome than you expected. Or predicted. Or hoped for 😂 It's information to use in your next tiny experiment.

Explore counter-examples

In order to be confident in what you believe, you must explore possibilities that may contradict what you believe. Find cases where what you believe true is in fact false. Find cases where what you believe false is in fact true. These help you discover what you truly believe.

Allow what is

You can only know the result of an experiment when you allow yourself to know its outcome. See, hear, feel, smell, touch what truly occurred. Allow yourself to feel whatever you're feeling about that. And what you're feeling about that. Then, allow yourself to know your best next step.

You deserve what you require 

You require nourishment and energy to move forward. You require principles to align with. You require values to manage your impact on yourself and those around you. These are not nice-to-haves! Remember to give each of these to yourself.

The more you internalize these reminders, the more you'll be able to move forward even when you feel uncertain, afraid, worried, and concerned.

Which of these most resonates with you? Let me know in the comments!

Thoughts? Feedback? Something to say?

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